Application management and deployment are some of the most important aspects of the web development process. Thankfully, we are long past the days of using FTP or similar toolings to manage application deployments. Especially for proof of concepts, I like to get things up and running with as little configuration as possible. In this case, I've opted to use Dokku and will give a brief overview here. Let's dive in!

The browser console is a frontend developers best friend. While we are all aware of the basic methods like console.log(), console.warn(), console.debug() or console.error(), are you aware of some of the lesser known, but still powerful, features? Let's dive in!

What's new in ES2021 or ES12?

Ever since the 2015 release of ES2015 or ES6, we've had a yearly release cycle for the next version of ECMAScript. Before a feature can be added to a release, it must first go through four proposal stages before finally being approved for release. Here we'll be looking at the features that were added in ES2021 or ES12.

Throughout my career, I've had numerous friends and family ask me how would one gets started with web development today. With an sheer amount of courses and the variety of the topics in those courses, it can be very overwhelming and may seem harder to get anywhere with it all.

With my new site being built with Next.js, I needed to figure out a way to still provide RSS feeds and a sitemap using the MDX files as a source. I use next-mdx-remote from Hashicorp for the parsing and rendering of my MDX files and with the latest major version, v3, it got to be a little tricky so hopefully you'll find this helpful!